Remote staff

Remote and Home-Working Staff

At Optimise Outsourcing, we specialise in providing world-class, outsourced staff based in Kenya to businesses across the globe. Whether you’re a start-up looking to expand, or an established business aiming to optimise your operations, our talented pool of remote and home-working staff are ready to support your enterprise.

Expanding Your Talent Pool

Our approach to remote staffing allows us to look beyond the traditional geographic limitations, thereby vastly expanding your talent pool. While our physical office is located in Nairobi, our remote and home-working staff options means that you’re no longer limited to the talent in one location. This model allows us to tap into the extensive Kenyan talent that is geographically dispersed, providing you with an opportunity to select from a more diverse and robust pool of candidates.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Opting for remote and home-working staff is a cost-effective solution for your business. By reducing the need for physical office space, utilities, and other overheads associated with traditional workplaces, we can pass those savings onto you. This allows your business to not only gain access to top talent but also do so in a way that optimises your budget and maximises return on investment.

Why Choose Home-Based Outsourcing?

Home-based outsourcing can provide numerous benefits for your business:
  • Cost-Effective: Lower overheads and operational costs compared to traditional office spaces.
  • Productivity: Remote workers often report higher levels of productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Access to Global Talent: With the limitations of geography removed, you can access the best talent, regardless of location.
  • Scalability: Outsourcing allows you to rapidly scale your workforce up or down, in response to business needs.

Our Process

With Optimise Outsourcing, hiring remote and home-working staff is a straightforward process:
  • Consultation: We discuss your requirements to understand your business needs and objectives.
  • Matching and Selection: Based on your requirements, we provide you with a selection of carefully vetted, highly-skilled professionals.
  • Integration: We assist in integrating your new staff members into your existing team, ensuring a seamless transition.
  • Management and Support: Our team provides ongoing support to ensure your business operations run smoothly.