How it works

The process is simple

4 Simple Steps to Your Dedicated Outsourced Staff

With Optimise Outsourcing, you can hire fully dedicated offshore staff who are Office-Based, Hybrid or Home-Based in Nairobi Kenya.


1. You provide us with a job description

Just tell us what you need


2. We recruit talented professionals

Only the best. Quality assured


3. Your dedicated staff report to you daily

Full-time remote, Hybrid or office-based


4. We manage the operations

And ensure quality standards

Building Quality Offshore Teams Made Easy 

At Optimise Outsourcing, we assist companies in the UK in establishing their own dedicated, high-caliber teams in Nairobi, Kenya. As a leading provider of offshore staffing solutions, we simplify the process of hiring staff offshore.

Our primary goal is to help you create a scalable team that significantly reduces your costs, up to 75% when compared to local hires. Achieving this is as simple as following our four-step approach.

Step one involves close collaboration with our recruitment consultants, who work diligently to understand your specific requirements and ideal candidate profiles. Drawing from an extensive candidate pool, we leverage targeted outreach to identify and attract the most talented professionals in the Nairobi, Kenya. Before introducing them to you, we thoroughly test and verify each candidate.

Once you’ve handpicked your offshore team, they become fully dedicated to you, working from our state-of-the-art offices in Nairobi, Kenya. We also offer the option of dedicated full-time, home-based remote staffing, providing you with direct access and complete control over your staff. They seamlessly integrate as an extension of your local team.

Moreover, we take care of all operational aspects within our management framework. This includes facilities, technology, HR, payroll, and support services. Our offices are equipped with advanced network infrastructure, high-speed internet, power backup, and the latest technology.

While we cater to a wide range of job functions, our expertise lies in finance, contact centre, professional services, administration, sales, HR, supply chain and marketing. Regardless of your staffing needs, Optimise Outsourcing is committed to sourcing and securing the right talent for long-term success.

We foster a positive and rewarding culture that prioritises employee health and well-being, ultimately boosting staff retention and productivity. Our aim is to exceed your expectations by consistently delivering exceptional candidates.

For more information on Optimise Outsourcing and how we can help drive your business growth, please visit call us on 0330 822 5454 or fill out a contact us form.

Transparent pricing full
service offshore staffing

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Government fees









Office space




Client Services






Fast internet

ISO Support


Monthly Staffing fee

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Complete Managed Operations

At Optimise Outsourcing, we offer a comprehensive suite of managed operations services. If you opt for office-based staff, we go the extra mile to handle all the facilities, amenities, equipment, fast internet, and IT support. This enables you to focus solely on managing your team while entrusting the rest to us.

Our Services Encompass


Our team of experts manages all aspects of human resources, ensuring a streamlined and efficient workforce management experience.


We take care of payroll processing, guaranteeing punctual and accurate salary payments to your staff.

Labour Compliance

Our team stays abreast of local labour laws and regulations, ensuring full compliance and mitigating any legal risks.

Staff Retention

We recognise the significance of retaining top talent. Through our strategies and support, we concentrate on enhancing employee satisfaction and reducing turnover rates.

Performance Management

We assist in monitoring and evaluating your team’s performance, providing valuable insights and implementing improvement strategies where necessary.

Your Outsourced Team in Nairobi, Kenya

By partnering with Optimise Outsourcing, you gain access to our specialised offshoring team in Nairobi, Kenya. Our team members possess an in-depth understanding of the local culture and labour laws, guaranteeing seamless integration and successful offshore staffing for your business.

Rapidly Expand with Ease

Dedicated Offshore Team

Our offshore staff is dedicated to supporting your business during your operating hours, with only a 2-3 hour time difference between the UK and Kenya this is easily achieved by seamlessly integrating as an extension of your local team.

We present you with a carefully curated pool of exceptionally talented candidates, allowing you to handpick the individuals who best suit your team’s requirements, just as you would when hiring locally. You enjoy direct access to your staff through various communication channels such as phone, Teams, Zoom, email, etc. You define the work standards, systems, and processes that they adhere to.

With complete transparency and control, you have full visibility into the operations of your dedicated offshore team, without having tomanage the operations – entrust that responsibility to us.

Tailor-Made Teams: Home-Based, Hybrid, or In-Office

Which Offshore Optimise Outsourcing Model Suits Your Business?

At Optimise Outsourcing, we empower you with the flexibility to construct the perfect team that aligns with your unique requirements. Whether you prefer home-based, hybrid, or office-based arrangements, we offer dedicated, full-time offshore staff in Nairobi, Kenya, to cater to your needs.

Office-Based, Home-Based or Hybrid: The Choice is Yours!

You can also change between Office-Based & Home with 30 days’ notice, for total flexibility!

Home-based staff

Work remotely from homes or personal workspaces instead of commuting to a physical office location. They utilise technology and communication tools to collaborate with their colleagues and fulfil their job responsibilities from a remote location.

Hybrid Staff

This is work done in a combination of remote and on-site settings. They have the flexibility to divide their work hours between working from their homes or personal workspaces and physically commuting to a designated office location. This arrangement allows for a balance between remote work and in-office collaboration.

Office-based staff

Employees who work primarily from a designated physical office location rather than remotely. They carry out their job responsibilities within the office premises, utilising the resources and facilities provided by the company. This arrangement fosters in-person collaboration and a centralised working environment.